Happy Birthday to Me!

So, I'm trying to be cheery about it...today's my 40th birthday. Normally I don't really do anything special, but today I decided to take a relaxing day for myself. You see, I have FOUR children so I don't do ANYTHING by myself. I wasn't sure I would even know how to function. I started my morning with a relaxing Starbucks coffee, a little shopping and a trip to the nail salon. Which, reminded me of this comedy sketch sent to me by Toni Chant last year. So in honor of my birthday, if you've ever been to a nail salon...watch this for a good laugh.


McTeach said...

Well, I've never been to a nail salon, but that was hilarious! A Happy 40th to you! Welcome to the club! I have to tell you, my 40th birthday was one of the best days of my life!! Enjoy! (I hope you're not counting exclamation points today)

Simon said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing your ideas btw. Hope you managed to get some time and space.

Happy Birthday! 40 is the beginning, I promise!
Love ya! TLC

Mrs.Mallon said...

I hope you had a very happy day and thanks for the laughs.

Kate Olson said...

Glad that you took a day for yourself - every mom needs that! I haven't reached 40 yet, but thanks for paving the way in such a graceful fashion :-)

Thanks everyone!!!!!