Don't Be a Chicken!

Each month, my principal rolls out a new Book of the Month to the faculty. The Book of the Month is a common piece of literature that every student in the school reads to create common dialogue among students and teachers. Teachers frequently share or post what they are doing with the Book of the Month on their bulletin board, or on their class blog.

This month we're kicking it up a notch! We love seeing what other students in our building are doing, but we'd really love to see what other kids around the world do as response to literature after reading this book. Anything goes!

Willing to participate? We're looking for preschool through sixth grade classes to add one post on our Big Chickens blog! Here's all you have to do:

* Read the book Big Chickens Written by: Leslie Helakoski
* Do some kind of activity in response to reading this book.
* Email me and request an invite to the Big Chickens blog (please include your name, email, grade you teach, school name and where you are from)
* Accept your invite and add your post to the blog

If you are unable to participate or don't teach elementary ages, please visit the blog and give us some feedback. The kids would so appreciate hearing from their audience.

"We have chicken power. We have chicken brains. We have chicken guts." - Big Chickens by: Leslie Helakoski


A Visit with Seedlings!

This week, my principal and I were fortunate enough to be invited to speak on SEEDLINGS.

My GTA friends Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr as well as my new friend, Bob Sprankle hosted a lively conversation regarding the role my principal has taken as technology leader at our school and the ways that I support technology work at our school.

If you'd like to have a listen. Go here :)
Thanks Cheryl, Alice and Bob providing us this opportunity. We had fun!