A Visit with Seedlings!

This week, my principal and I were fortunate enough to be invited to speak on SEEDLINGS.

My GTA friends Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr as well as my new friend, Bob Sprankle hosted a lively conversation regarding the role my principal has taken as technology leader at our school and the ways that I support technology work at our school.

If you'd like to have a listen. Go here :)
Thanks Cheryl, Alice and Bob providing us this opportunity. We had fun!


Marie Rush said...

Going to listen now--but girl--you posted that at 1:00 am? Yaaawwwn!

Wow - you and Susan make us proud! You sound wonderful - and to think you were both on the road! When I hear you speak I reaalize how many exciting things we really are doing! Sounds like you guys are ready to host your own show!

Kudos not only to you and Susan but also to your family for allowing you 1 hour to participate in this broadcast during your family outting. I never thought of it but since it has already been asked, I am now curious? Are you willing to host your own show? Hummm?

@Marie - I binge work!
@dayle & Patricia - Definite future possibilities!

Cheryl Oakes said...

Melanie, Glad you and Susan are getting recognition. You both deserve it. Keep working hard it does pay off.
Cheryl and the SEEDLINGS!