I'm on the Path - Come Join Me!

David Warlick had a recent post describing the steps to becoming a 21st Century Literate Educator. In his post, he said he often tells people to read blogs to learn about teaching 21st skills, but he thought it might be more helpful to have a list of specific steps. I was gratified to see many of the things I have experienced on my journey into Web 2.0 and ideas of where I should go next. Check it out and see where you are.

A Path to Becoming a 21st Century Literate Educator — Self Development

1. Find two or more other educators in your school who are interested in learning and using emerging information and communication technologies. It would be of enormous advantage if you can include your schools library media specialist. Done!

2. Identify the appropriate person in your school or district who can provide technical support and configuration for your increasingly utilized computers and network. Bake them some chocolate chip cookies. School's Media Specialist 100% supportive...need to bake cookies for district support personnel.

3. Identify some edu-bloggers who are talking about the emerging ICTs you are considering. See the Bloggers to Learn From wiki, contributed to by a world community of educators. I learn from my edubloggers on twitter and by reading their blogs.

4. Delegate! Assign each member of your team some of the selected blogs to follow, and share specific posts with each other. I still want to read it all myself, but am always recommending great blog posts and talking with team members about what I'm learning.

5. Read, study, and discuss books about teaching and learning and the world we’re doing it in. See the Books to Learn From wiki, contributed to by a world community of educators. Yes, yes, yes!

6. Schedule regular meetings (once or twice a month) at a local restaurant, coffee shop, or pizzeria (preferably with WiFi). Meet and discuss what you’ve learned and what you want to learn. I don't wait for a meeting...I talk my friends ears off in person on through email. :)

7. Start a group del.icio.us (A social bookmarks service) account for organizing and
sharing web resources. Well, I have a del.icio.us account, but hadn't thought of doing a group del.icio.us account.

8. Start a wiki for posting notes, links, and step-by-step instructions. Not yet...

9. Join one or more of the Ning social networks, such as: School 2.0, Library 2.0, Classroom 2.0. I have joined nings myself and am starting one for the teachers at my school - need to deliver chocolate chip cookies to #2 to get site unblocked at work.

10. Start your own blogs for sharing your reflections on what you are learning and how you are learning it. You're reading it!

11. Start experimenting in your class and share the results. Mrs. Holtsman's Class Blog

12. Share your results with other teachers in your school and invite them into your conversation. Done and will continue to do!

13. Start to model, in your job as a teacher, the practice of being a master learner. Always, my ultimate goal...


dayle said...

I am amazed at how the interests of a single teacher - you - can effect an entire school of learners! For anyone that thinks a single teacher can't make a difference, then they need to hang out with you because we are all on this path with you - struggling to keep up - but certainly along for the ride! dayle
P.S.-Maybe we should all bake chocolate chip cookies! There is power in numbers!

Suzanne said...

I can't agree with dayle more in her comments. You certainly are driving this in our school and I am thankful you've taken me along for the ride. Can't wait to get started using NING, and would be happy to contribute to the chocolate chip cookie effort! Thanks for being you!


David's list was great, but it made me think about where I am in this list as well. We are beginning something we are calling the "Teacher 2.0 Club" in our district to try to spread the love a little further. It's a list like this that makes doing something like that much easier. Also see the 23things site at: http://plcmcl2-things.blogspot.com/. It's also a great list to move from.