School 2.0 in 2007-08

Right now, technology is the roadmap that guides my passion for learning and teaching. When I want to know about something I don't understand, learn new things or read...I jump on my computer. The immediacy of having a computer nearby at all times makes it possible for me to verify, learn and explore whenever I want to. I am also able to communicate with colleagues on the other side of the building or ...the world! It is absolutely thrilling to me.

I know that the things I am just learning about now: blogging, wikis, podcasting, etc. will be important components of the successful futures of my students. It is exciting to me that by simply having internet access any teacher can put these tools at their students' fingertips.

My school district is on the precipice of moving from "School 1.0" to "School 2.0". It is an energizing time for me. (I really need to lay off the caffeine.) I have always felt limited in my ability to prepare my students for the technological future because of lack of proper computer hardware, software, etc. That has all changed - thank goodness!! For a quick lesson on the difference between School 1.0 vs. School 2.0 watch Simon's video from TeacherTube:

The biggest stumbling block during this transition will be firewalls and security features on our school servers. I appreciate that these things are in place to protect our kids from the dangers that can be lurking on the internet. I was one of those parents that refused to sign the internet usage permission slip eight years ago because I was so afraid of what might happen --so I really do get it. BUT I hope that we will be able to move through this process quickly and safely. I would love to hear how other districts have handled this issue in order to educate our 21st century learners.


Jo McLeay said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have put you in my bloglines and will keep up with your passion and enthusiasm which I love.