Summer Fun...Not!

Everytime I sit down at the computer I am so frustrated! Of course, as usual, I have done it to myself. I decided I would spend time this summer learning how to use computer programs I know nothing about in Adobe Creative Suite 3. Normally I'm a self-taught kind of gal. I fiddle around with something until I learn it. This thing is more than an easy fiddle.

I'm also normally really good at problem solving. In this case, I have purchased self-help books and am doing an online tutorial. It is just too slow paced for me and is REALLY trying my patience. I mean, could they possibly find more boring people to be the voices in those tutorials! I haven't given up, but would love suggestions if you have any... Take pity on me!


dayle said...

I have no advice (no surprise there!) but just think of all the other things you'll get done trying to avoid learning something that is so frustrating! dayle