Why Blog?

I learned what the term "blog" (web log) meant only about a year ago. My understanding was that it was an online diary. My first thought was...why would anyone want to put their diary online!!!? Since that time, I have seen snippets mentioning blogs on various Education websites I peruse such as Ed Week. I began reading blogs that I found interesting and discovered Rachel Boyd's Blog. It was by reading her blog that I learned how EASY blogging can be. I began a blog for my classroom and turned many of my fellow teachers on to blogging at my school. So why this blog? Well, I am constantly saying to my friends, "Oh, I'm reading this book ....and..." I have so many thoughts sparked by the things I read and learn. So here's my new space to flesh them out, ramble on, share with so many others that have shared with me, rant and rave, whatever... I hope you check back from time to time and give me your thoughts!


Rachel Boyd said...

Hi Melanie,

I have "virtually dropped by" to check out your new "pad"... thanks for the mention! I will put you into my subscriptions and I look forwards to reading more from you!

Cheers, Rachel, NZ

Simon said...

Welcome to the conversation Melaine. I'm looking forward to hearing much about your fleshed out thoughts and 'ramblings'. I must agree Rachel Boyd's blog is a must read for me too. Very grounded in classroom practise and how this Web2.0 plays out at the primary/ elementary level. She is such an encouragement to me in this journey called 'life long learning.

Scott McLeod said...

Thanks for including me on your short list of blogs you read!