This morning I was scanning my newsletter from Education Week when I noticed under the heading of "Blogs" the word: Eduholic. I thought, uh-oh, I don't even have to read that to know it's me. I can predict the symptoms... getting excited about free stuff for your classroom, saving everything you ever get in case you might need it later, correcting the grammar and facts of friends and family, never having too many children's books, buying strange quanities of weird items at the grocery for experiments, working off the clock as much as you do on the clock, calling your colleagues at home to talk about the place you just left... oh, boy....I'm sure my family could add to the list.

So, is this a bad thing? Some (even some other educators I know) say I'm crazy. I say I have a passion for what I do. I live the life of a reader, writer ...and lifelong learner. I try to be the kind of teacher I would want my own children to have. So maybe my house could be a little cleaner, I could cook more gourmet meals--but I don't think I'll look back and regret not doing those things enough. I do take the time to spend with my family (check my bank account to see I spent a week at Disney) and I do things for me ( like reading fiction and getting manicures ). Do you think I need to join a twelve step program or are you an eduholic too?


Simon said...

Work/ Life balance is all the rage at the moment. People say to me that i don't have work life balance. Too much time in school, blogging, presenting etc etc not enough time with the family.

But I don't think so, and let's be honest about this. You have work/ life balance if your FAMILY says you have, if YOU are happy with it. And let's be straight about this YOU wouldn't be happy if your FAMILY weren't so I say "It's all down to if your family is happy with the balance"

Rachel Boyd said...

Hi Melanie,

I have only recently got to know you... but after reading this post I KNOW we are probably ALOT alike... for I too would definitely have to be an "eduholic"

Funny to think of the things that excite us... I don't think it's a bad thing, it means I love my job because I love what I do.

Eduholic out!

I am forwarding your comments to my husband. :) Actually he's usually okay with it all unless he's in a bad mood about something else. Then I have to sneak in some work like a addict getting a fix. haha I have four kids that seem to be turning out all right too, so... I think Simon and Rachel are right. I hope that when they grow up they will find a career they have a passion for like I do for mine!
Eduholics unite!


This certainly describes you! I love oyur blog site! I am so impressed. I can't wait to read about your adventures this year. I miss you already! Maybe you can come and visit sometime! Nancy