Walk a Mile in History's Shoes

This whole blogging thing is new for me. One of the ways I am learning is by reading, reading and reading all the edublogs I can. How do you find great blogs to read? Check out the blogrolls that people list in their sidebar. I have listed my absolute favorites in mine, but check out the blogrolls on your favorite blogs.

Reading the blogs of all of the great teachers out there has also given me some great ideas for how I can make blogging an exciting and valuable experience for my students. I can't wait to get them started. Yesterday, I found a great idea thanks to the author of Bump on a Blog. He attended a session at NECC on Historical Blogging. Students studied the life of Harriet Tubman and were assigned tasks to complete a historical blog with journal entries, drawings and graphic organizers. Students not only learned about Harriet Tubman, but were able to "walk a mile in her shoes" by completing this project. What a tremendous idea! Check it out and get reading!