Simple Solution

When I started my blog this year I couldn't wait to get my students involved in blogging. Then it hit me...they had to have an email address to get an account. Most of my K, 1st, 2nd and 5th graders don't have their own I created a "class" blog. They like having it, they always ask to do it, but I know they aren't as invested and engaged as they would be if they each had their own blog.

Enter my twitter network---tonight I see a tweet from Alec Courosa about linked gmail accounts. Apparently you can link other names to your gmail account so that each one of your students can have an email that will come to you! In my world, that means everyone can have their own blog! I can't wait! Watch this easy to follow jingcast from Alec to see just how this works. Click HERE to watch.


Love jing. The sun looks so cute on my Mac. Thanks!

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Paul Bogush said...

That is what I did with my blogs. Lets say our class email is Each kid signs up with You can then use the gmail account like an rss aggregator. Every post and comment gets sent to the account.

AllanahK said...

Have you thought of using Dave Warlick's Blogmeister. Each child has their own blog- no need for email access for each child.

Our Blogmeister Blog

Allanah K - I didn't know about blogmeister, thanks for letting me know!

Mr Lietze said...

Hi Melanie

Thanks for the input. I'm not so keen on blogmeister (it doesn't give you RSS feeds for my Netvibes aggregator) so i am in the process of setting up a new edublogs class blog and will have individual blogs running off that.

Check out the old one currently being used