It's NOT about Technology

More than once in the past several weeks I've had someone tell me: I wish I could do that, but I'm just not good with computers. I know they say that because they don't feel comfortable with their skill level. I do understand what they mean. I don't always feel comfortable with everything I do. Case in point ---I'm learning how to do movie editing right now. I ask my expert friend a question, I think I have it and the flounder on my own later.

The thing's really not about the technology. It's about yourself as a learner. What kind of learner are you? Do you settle for what you know or avidly seek what is better? Do you give something new a try and give up if it doesn't come easy or do you persist until you've got it?

Think about the answers to your questions. Are those the answers you want your students to give about things you teach them? We are trying to inspire our students to embrace new ideas and tools ---we need to do the same.

Here's my favorite tip: Find a friend who knows a little more than you do. Someone who knows way more can talk over your head without meaning to, but the friend who is one step ahead knows just what to say or show you. I stood on the shoulders of many to learn what I know now, which is why I don't mind being that "friend" for others.

Remember...It's NOT about the technology.


kolson29 said...

Great thinking points. I'm all for "being that friend" and have asked for help from many others, but try to be appreciative and make sure to give credit where credit is due. That's what I think may be lost in some of the exchanges. I try to link to my inspiration or at least give a mention in all blog posts - I always remember that the person who's shoulders I'm standing on put a LOT of work into gathering the knowledge they've shared with me.