30 Day Photography Challenge

Courtesy of White Peach Photography
I really enjoyed and learned so much from doing the 365 day photo challenge last year.  I only chose not to do it this year so I could give myself some time to do some online courses in photography. But I have missed the daily challenge of catching a photo to represent my day.

Yesterday, I saw a posting in my facebook feed for a 30 day photography challenge.  Apparently, the challenge originated from a photographer who was looking to take some time for herself to capture some images that weren't for her job.  Her original post became extremely popular, so even though the first challenge start day has passed many others are joining in when they can and completing the 30 days from their start.  A new facebook page was started for the project and it is saying that the next start date will be Monday, June 20th.  My first instinct was, "I'm in!"

So, what do you think?  Does this interest you?  Would you like to join in and share photos for the challenge?  I'd love to meet some new photography lovers and also see lots of photos from people I know.  You don't have to have a DSLR camera.  You can even use your iphone if you like!  Here's what you need to do after you take your photo each day:

Add your photo to this flickr group (join flickr).

Label your photo with the Day # and topic.

Look at other photos in the group and comment on a few.

Have fun and get as creative or as literal as you like!


I'm still trying to get my photos from my trip to Holland last March in a keepsake album.

Sorry...you'll have to make this run without me.