Help us build the ARC!

The majority of our at-risk students at Chets Creek Elementary come from one specific impoverished community nearby. In order to meet the needs of these students outside the school day, last year we launched an Academic Resource Center inside the community. My co-worker, dayle timmons, best describes the center here

As we approach the first year anniversary of our center, we are looking for ways to fund more opportunities for children and families at the center.  We decided to apply for a grant from Community First Credit Union.  Here is the digital story I created to help let people know how important this work is:

I'm asking you to take a moment to help us.  Please "like" our submission on facebook, to help us win.  The "like" button is below the entry. 

Do you have something similiar you are doing in your school?  How is it funded?  I would love to hear your ideas!  Thanks friends!


Done, Mrs. Holtsman. Thanks for including a link. You always make things so easy for us to follow-through.

Loved the video presentation also!!