My 2010/365 project

When I first heard of the 365 photo project, which consists of taking a photo each day and posting it, I thought it was interesting.  I enjoyed looking at the photos being shared on twitter and enjoyed perusing the 365 groups on flickr.  As a mom with young children, there are many times I wished I had a camera ready to snap a cute moment.  So in 2009 I gave the project a try ...and fizzled out. 

But what I discovered from looking at my colleagues pictures on flickr is that I really enjoyed looking at how moments were captured; composition, lighting and expressions.  I found myself continuing to keep a camera with me at all times and photographing moments and images I never had before.  I decided to trade my point and shoot camera for a DSLR and a love affair with photography truly began.  I couldn't wait to begin the next year with a new 365 project. 

So here I am proudly sharing my first completed 365 project. You can look at them all individually here where I have written a little description for most of them, but what I really looked forward to doing was putting my completed project into a video like my friend Dean does. What I noticed while putting them together is that my photos really do tell the story of my year.  They show my life as a mother, aunt, teacher, friend, reader, shopper, Floridian, Disney fan and most of all, photographer.  I hope you enjoy watching. :)

Melanie's 365/2010 project from Melanie Holtsman on Vimeo.


M Coleman said...

Very nicely done - now I'm inspired to try to do more than my Flickr slideshow! Thanks!

This is truly a work of art! It really does capture the year in the most amazing way!

There is no doubt that you are a skilled photographer. Your photos make mine look quite sad. The pictures of your kids in particular are absolutely keepers, every one. Maybe your kids are just more photogenic than mine....or more cooperative. At any rate, this is fabulous. I hope your family appreciates the treasure you've created.

Thanks Dean :)
My kids are definitely not more photogenic. They have labeled me Momarazzi, so I probably take their photos too much! You have a beautiful family. Honestly, when I look at other 365 photos I'm looking at "what" was captured. You are always able to capture the love and humor that your sweet kids display. And I love seeing what life is like in the north. Brrrr! Your photos are great. I'm glad your family appreciates and enjoys the photos you take of them. They definitely inspired me to stay the course. :)

Suzanne said...

I can't imagine the dedication, patience, and forsight it takes to produce a 365 day project. I wish I had the commitment, because it truly is a piece to cherish.