My Donors Choose Project

After being inspired by a colleague of mine, I wrote my first Donors Choose grant. Donors Choose is an awesome website where teachers can create an account, submit a request for materials and donors can log in and choose what programs they want to donate to. After Melissa recommended the site to my faculty, many others have applied and received book sets, microscopes, radios and variety of other classroom tools.

What I really wanted to acquire is some Flip cameras for teacher checkout, so I took about 25 minutes and wrote up my proposal. I'm excited to see if it will get funded. I know that if I can get those cameras available for the teachers to use they will stay checked out. Try Donors Choose and see how easy it is to get some cool tools for YOUR classroom!


Melissa Ross said...

Yea Melanie! Good luck :)

Suzanne said...

Oh boy! If this gets funded, I know who'll be the teachers' best friend!