After I'm Gone

As my eighteen year old daughter and I got ready to head out the door today, I stopped to spritz my hair with hairspray. For some reason, the smell transported me back to the years where I was a little girl sitting on my grandmother's bed watching her tease, hairspray and put her hair up in bobbypin curls. I told my daughter the story and we had a long conversation about old hairstyles and what "teasing hair" means.

Then I thought, I wonder what sights, smells or sounds will be imprinted the strongest in the memories of my offspring. So I asked my daughter, "What kind of thing do you think will make you start thinking of me?" My daughter thought for a minute and then said, "You know the sound the computer makes when you start it up?" Oh well, I guess there are worse things she could remember about me!

*Photo taken in 1990, from left to right: my daughter, me, my mom, my grandmother and my great grandmother


Melissa Ross said...

Woo - check out those bangs!

Hey! Bangs were IN back then! You probably didn't notice in elementary school! :)

Suzanne said...

This is an interesting concept. I wonder what C 10 and A. would say about me? I'll have to ask.

Board games always remind me of my mom. I grew up in a village of three hundred. We had three t.v. channels, so we spent more time playing games than anything else. When mom visits, the first thing she does with the boys is open up the game closet and let them pick. Before long, the dining room table is transformed for the duration of her visit.

I love this - what a precious memory.

KK Cherney said...

Melanie,I immediately thought of all kinds of memories of my own family. I haven't asked my daughter yet, but I intend to.
You're the best for bringing it all up.