Project Dilemma

My fifth grader was assigned a project to do with three other classmates where they were to research the way another country celebrates the holidays. They had to present their facts and artifacts to the class in approximately three weeks. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, any mom who has had kids with group projects can tell's not. Trying to find time for four family schedules to mesh so you can get together is hard, getting the kids to focus and use time wisely is hard and keeping the kids happy and getting along can be a chore.

Riding to the rescue is Google Documents.

Each of the girls got online in the holiday project document on Google and typed their findings from the research. We got the girls together for one official meeting where they put together their artifacts. Wa La - project done - Google docs rock!


dayle said...

I THINK I understand this. A number of years ago I wrote a book with 3 co-authors from across the country and we did it through e-mail and attachments. We sent a final copy to the editor after many, many back and forths. We had a pretty tight system but this would have been so much easier.

Now we'll have to use this quick while I'm still trying to understand how to use it. Does it actually save who did what edit and who has worked on the piece? Let's think of a way to use this... quick! dayle

Suzanne said...

I can't wait to try this! I'm already thinking that instead of one person writing the Standard Snapshot and a coach editing it that the team could all offer edits.

I LOVE that idea. Let's do it!

Mrs. Nash said...

I love this idea as it relates to the standard snapshot. We all know something slightly different goes on in each classroom. When it isn't written as a collaborative effort, it is going to be a little less accurate. What is that other, similar, web-collaborative tool? I'll have to research somehow...I can't remember the name, but it is something else that can be used for similar group projects. I saw a video about it created by the same guy that did this video. ??? Anyone???

Mrs. Nash said...

Ok...dumbie's a wiki.

Simon said...

You here about all these sifferent web based tools and stuff but until you here about real life examples you still remain skeptical...I know I do. I love examples like this, it'll help me tslk some folk into using it.

What a great way to work on a project!

I got tagged with my first meme. I'm passing it along to you. Feel free to pass on it if it's not your thing.


Anonymous said...

Here I am reading even more of your work and loving it. My world wouldn't be this big if you weren't my coach. Still... it takes me a little more time than most to get on board. Lori