Playing Favorites

When I first heard about social bookmarking I thought it was really cool, but didn't have time to sit down and figure out how it works (I have four kids, remember?) Anyway, I keep a little list beside my computer of things I want to know and want to do. This has been on my list since July! Last night I sat down and created my account on .

Social bookmarking is a way to mark your favorite places on the web from any computer, share your favorite places with your friends and visit the favorites of other people. I want to know the favorites of people much smarter than me!

The best part about it is tagging. In my favorites folder I can only put a site in one place unless I want to save it over and over again, but with tags you can "tag" the site with words that are associated with that site. Watch this video, it will help clear it up in your mind:

Once you have all of your favorites saved in, you can generate lists or tag clouds. A tag cloud is an awesome visual way to look the frequency of your tags and will help you be consistent in how you are sorting your favorites. If you look at someone else's tag cloud you will be able to instantly see if they have saved things you are interesting in.

Get started today so I can "socialize" with you!


dayle said...

Thank you so much for teaching me about social bookmarking. I learned just because you said I should - had no idea what social bookmarking was! Of course, with almost everything you teach me, I came right home and set up my own account and have been tagging all weekend. How cool! I realized as I looked at my own tag cloud that it really is ME, in words. Interesting self-portrait!

I love that I can add things to my account from home and then be able to easily find those sites again when I'm logged in from school. I rarely add sites to my bookmarks list any more.

When the hard drive on my computer died last year, I didn't have to worry about whether I'd lost any of my bookmarked sites!