Our Environment

Today is Blog Action Day in support of our environment and I'm throwing in my two cents...maybe you will too.

In my family, recycling is taken for granted. We have the blue bin that we fill up each week and it goes out to the curb on Wednesday mornings. It is always shocking to me when we go out of town to someone else's home and they don't recycle. Can you believe many cities across the U.S. still don't have a recycling program???!? My kids just notice there is no "blue bin".

It was during one of these visits that I realised I haven't explained to my kids the actual function of having that blue bin. I went online to show my daughters (the little ones are too young) a picture of a landfill and we discussed some of the effects of the garbage we make and must dispose of each day....
My eleven year old was especially grossed out, but just enough to provoke her to action. She stopped taking juice boxes and began taking a refillable water bottle to school.

Even when I was doing the right thing...I wasn't thinking about it and talking about it...so the message wasn't being passed to my kids. Taking the time to stop and ponder has also forced me to think about what else I could be doing... saving containers to give to the art teacher, doing a recycling art project with my students and incorporating knowledge about recycling into our research. Take a moment yourself today and consider whether there is something else you could be doing...