Welcome to Blogging Wonderland

After being inspired by my favorite person on the other side of the world, Rachel Boyd, I began my own blogging life. I am inspired by all of the blogs I read from teacher leaders and have learned more in the last few months than I have in years.

I have been working hard to get everyone I know to drink the Kool-Aid and I am proud to present my newest friends entering Blogging Wonderland. Please take a moment to visit their blogs and encourage them on their journey:
CCE Art Happenings
Chet Chat Time
Nash Mountain
Curious Kindergarteners
Timmons Times
Dillard's Dreams
H Kids Highlights
Lewis' Little Learners
Mrs. Harbour's Class
Mrs. Lankford's Line of News
Mrs. Mallon's Marvelous Messages
Mrs. Ross' Second Grade Class
Mrs. Zawis' Class - 4


Rachel Boyd said...


You are just simply wonderful!
What an amazing job you have done blogevangelising! You are certainly opening people's eyes to the possibilities.

Well done!


PS - love your newish blog header! (forgot to comment on it earlier)

Oh, and have just found you on Twitter too!

You should be proud too, because I'm your disciple!

New blog header was my first foray into Photoshop. It is a lot of fun when it does what I want. :)