I Love My Job

After many hours of angst I finally completed my school's website. I really wanted some more fancy schmancy things like javascript cascading menus and other flash features...but time was of the essence so next year watch out! There is not training provided in my county for anything more than basic Microsoft Frontpage, so everything I do is hunt-and-peck self taught. I enjoy it for the most part, but I mostly do it because I absolutely love my job, the place I work and the people I work with. I would do anything they asked (don't tell them that!).


Maggie Holtsman said...

Well gee, I hope they don't read this. Great site. :D

Simon said...

Wow! Oh to be in a job you love so passionately (however you spell it) I'm finding teaching hard at the moment.... Lots of raining on my parade sadly. Can't gripe too much though. I just envy you loving the job you're in.

Good site btw.

Thanks, Simon. I have been in a bad situation in the past, so I am just so appreciative of what I have now. I'm so sorry your parade has been washed out this year. Here's hoping for sunshine or at least an awning soon. :) Melanie

Rachel Boyd said...

Cool site, I love the theme of dreams. How cool of a principal do you have to get all dressed up like that!!!! :)

Nice use of photo bucket for the slideshow too.

You should check out the site I made with my class just recently, we tried to use lots of cool web2 stuff. I used Dreamweaver (my first time using it)

I love your comment of hunt and peck (self taught) - sounds very much like myself ;)