Kindergarteners Use Their "Magic Pencil" in order to Reread What They Write

After using the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Writing K-2 for over 10 years now at our school, we were SUPER excited to receive the new Units of Study for Writing that are grade specific.  We didn't receive them until after the year started so we are just now truly beginning to jump in and implement them with fidelity.

Kindergarten teachers began the Narrative Writing for K Unit a few weeks ago. The new units are so meaty with good information for teacher schema and understanding behind how students may respond and actual dialogue the teacher can use or paraphrase during the lesson, but my favorite thing about these lessons is that little bit of "writer's secret" or "magic trick" sprinkled in.  It's funny how you can say the same thing with a special tone of voice and it is received very differently. 

When Maria Mallon knew she would be teaching this lesson when I came in with teachers to observe we sat down and read it together.  We had to stop reading, back up and read it out loud like it was being taught.  Because it just sounded ridiculous in print!  As soon as I read it out loud the first time I felt the magic.  No pun intended!  The Magic Pencil of rereading what you already wrote to remember the big picture of your story.  The lesson actually calls for you to pass out pencils for them to practice "writing in the air".  I thought, "Oh my, 36 kids....someone is going to put out an eye sitting that close together."  But the only way you will know these lessons work is if you do them the way intended.  Don't limit your kiddos!  Maria was game, she was all in...take a peek in with us to her classroom and enjoy!


Although I saw this demo live, I love seeing it again. You see something different every time you watch it. I just love the ooohs and ahhs when they get their magic pencils! Only in kindergarten! Then watching them use their pencils to write in the air - priceless! Just love Maria!