Stop, Jot and Think While You Read about characters

We want readers to constantly be thinking and developing ideas and theories while they read, so using "stop and jots" (post it notes) help them remember to reflect, take note of and synthesize their thoughts while reading. 

I'm discovering how important it is to really look at the genre of study that a grade level is working on to help guide examples and non-examples of what students are learning to notice in their jots.  Third grade is currently working on their developing characters study in Readers' Workshop.  I chose the following examples for jots to help guide their thinking about characters. This chart can be added to as they continue to learn new things about their study of characters:

Places worth Stopping and Jotting:
I learned something NEW about my character
My character's action was unusual
When I want to write about what is confusing me???
When I disagree with what is happening
When the text is BEGGING me to write something!
When something really important happens
When you have a prediction with evidence
When I see a PATTERN in my character's actions

I am also finding that it is just as important to hold them accountable for doing thinking they are capable of doing by reminding them what they should not be doing any more:

What's NOT worth posting:
The first thought coming to mind
Repeating what I already jotted
Forcing myself to have a thought
Nothing exciting is happening
Restating what the text says

Does your current genre of learning guide your suggested stop and jots?  Any suggested prompts to help us with character study in 3rd grade? 


These stop and Jots are just what I wanted. I'm going to use this lesson on Monday with my middle schoolers.