My "Class" Poll

I wanted to add a class poll to the Fall Blog Challenge for the specific purpose of showing that doesn't need to be difficult.  You don't need to struggle over what to post about on your blog.  You can simply share the individual results of a question you posed to the class, such as their favorite part of an activity, what they learned in a lesson or their opinion about something.  Kids also like to read what their friends wrote or answered. 

That being said, I think there is an aspect of this that could be interesting to the edublogger as well.  You might be surprised if you ask a question to the folks around you.  I know I was. 

I used my faculty as my "class" and asked the question:  If you could buy any one piece of technology, what would it be?  Here's what they told me:
S.Phillips - ipad
J.Johnson - macbook
L.Perez - laptop
D.Barber - huge flat screen TV
N.Thomas - laptop
L.Sambito - ipad
D.Cothern - ipad
M.Ellis - ipad
JJ.Brown - ipad
V.Cole - ipad
B.Ciupak - ipad
First Grade
P.Wallace - smartboard w/tablet and ipad
T.Chant - smartboard
T.Ruark - smartboard
R.Roberts - smartboard
M.Mallon - ipad
C.Dillard - ipad for me, smartboard for kids
D.Harbour - electronic reader for me, smartboard for kids
D.Timmons - for tech to work!
Second Grade
R.Bridges - smartboard
H.Correia - laptop
L.Metzger- ipad
K.Morris - ipod docking station
J.Shaffer - headphones
D.Rossignol - headphones
K.Nelson - laptops for students
L.Morgan - iphone4 or ipad
W.Lankford - kindle
C.Walag - ipad
L.Thomson - flip video
C.McLeod - digital DVD recorder
B.Roberts - ipad
Third Grade
L.Patterson - new pool that can convert into a patio with push of a button
L.Hoffmann - smartboard
K.Symons - ipad
R.Timmons - student response system
M.Ross - ipad with camera
A.Russell - digital video camera
C.Constande - ipad
T.Sani - ipad
M.Corbett - smartboard
D.Evanko - flatscreen LCD TV
C.Tsengas - ipad
C.Chascin - kindle
Fourth Grade
J.Nash - student response system
C.Montero - smartboard
B.O'Connor - smartboard
J.Montisano - smartboard
A.Phillips - multimedia speakers
R.Pinchot - smartboard
M.Launey - whiteboard and laptop
Fifth Grade
K.Shannon - Google TV by Sony
T.Ruark - 4G cellphone
T.Lehane - laptops 4 kids
S.Rabe - iphone
C.Swidorsky - macbook
L.Werch - external hard drive
ResourceJ.Snead - large format photo printer
K.Cherney - 30 flip videos or ipod
D.Tamburrino - ipod docking station
N.Hall - flip video
R.Robinson - GPS for wife
J.Plank -smartboard
J.Gannam - laptop
S.Shall - macbook pro
B.McCall - ipad
And for me, I've been wanting a good pair of multimedia speakers and a microphone :)

I wasn't surprised that so many wanted ipads.  I looooove mine.  But I was surprised that so many wanted a smartboard.  Especially since I'm not a big fan of smartboards, and neither are the few teachers I know that have them.  It surprised me for sure.

What would you buy?

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iliketech said...

Free high speed wireless internet access for all students within the boundaries of the school district.

Wow! I wish I had thought of that one!

Elaine said...

I saw my first iPad "in person" this weekend and it renewed my desire for one. However, I don't know why I want one.

I am rarely away from a computer, so I don't need it for that.

I have a Sony Touch, so I don't need it for a eReader.

I can't get AT&T in my area AND I already have a Droid, so I don't need it for for Internet access.

So, why do I need one??

Which has absolutely nothing to do with wanting one!

LOL - I know that feeling. There are lots of things I don't need but WANT!

Queenbeabea said...

I'D want an ipad that I can shrink down to ipod size to carry around. I realized that being farsighted that I may not be able to read small print on ipod touch.