Graduating to Nintendo DSI

A little over a year ago, my 6 year old twins got Nintendo DS games.  I never really knew much about videogames, so what they could do with them surprised me

I think my husband is reliving his childhood through the twins because he is constantly buying them new games before they even ask!  Recently, he decided they needed to trade up for the latest version Nintendos (which I must say, they knew nothing about...).  So he took them up to Game Stop, our favorite used videogame store, and traded the Nintendo DS machines in for Nintendo DSIs.

My son and daughter were immediately able to figure out how to work the camera in the DSIs.  They've watched mommy taking a lot of photos lately and couldn't wait to have command of their own picture taking.  They cracked me up taking pictures of their toys:
A special blankie:
Things in stores that they want to buy:
And using the camera edit features in the game:
It wasn't 24 hours before I had to tell my son not to surprise people in the bathroom and take their picture.  He was so proud of himself for the capture that only promise of consequences got that rule to sink in.

Of course, all of the games that they use and love from their old Nintendos still work with DSI, but I really need some help with what I should be showing them to do.  I put parent controls on downloads and wifi.  I have no idea what to download and can't really find any good ideas online.  I can absolutely think of what to let my kids do on a computer, but the screen is so small on the game that most of the websites they love won't work properly on a DSI.  Can you help me?  Any suggestions?


Lisa Thumann said...

I'm curious to see what types of responses you get as I have locked down the DSi's that my girls have as well. I have taken a look at this presentation though