Critical Friends

I had to to do it. I've seen several blogs sporting their mosaic of twitter friends, so I know it's nothing new...but I love it because most of the twitter profile pictures are the faces of the actual people I'm connecting with on twitter.

I get lovingly ribbed from time to time here at work about "those twitter people" I talk to, but I couldn't professionally grow the way that I have in the past year without twitter. I learn from my "twits" through their "tweets" and I have over 300 people all over the world that I can ask questions.....AND get answers!

Thank you, twitter friends, for helping me grow as an educator. I hope that I can return the favor in the future. <3

Get your twitter mosaic here.


Mrs. Cowan said...

That is cool! How did you do that?

Hi Christine,
Click at the very bottom of my post to where it says "Get your twitter mosaic here". Have fun! :)

Jenny said...

What a coincidence that you posted this today. I'm working on a post around a similar topic tonight! hmmmm...great minds....

Anonymous said...

Hey--what is your twitter username?

Anonymous said...

OK, you are way way way ahead of me on this TWITTER thing, but I am willing to learn. So, I'll hit the TWITTER word, sign up and find something to TWEAT about so I can get my face on the mosaic of TWITS.

I guess it's just been my sense of machismo that has not allowed me to get involved in TWITTERING, uh TWEATING. It does sound like a really girlie thingy, but I'll just look at it as IM with a less than fortunate name.



@marie I'm Holtsman on twitter.

Never thought of it that way, but it is kinda girlie sounding. I assure you there are an equal amount of men I follow to women.

Come talk to me at work about how to get a good start on twitter, I'll hook you up!