LIVE from the Creek turns ONE

I was recently reminded by Clustermaps (as they notified me of the yearly archived map) that our Professional Development blog, LIVE from the Creek, has just turned one year old.

LIVE from the Creek
began last January as the ten members of our leadership team headed out to a conference in Hollywood, CA. We wanted to share everything we were learning and doing with our teachers and decided the best way to do that would be starting a blog.

Since that time, we've made blogging a requirement for everyone who attends professional development. If they are chosen to attend and would like to continue to attend trainings, they have to be willing to share their work. It's been a huge success. Not only do we have over 90 teachers logging in to read about our learning, we have developed a global audience that gives us feedback through comments.

We just returned from a few days in Orlando, FL at FETC where we blogged our learning. Please jump on over and join in on the conversation!


Simon said...

What a fantastic idea. Using blogging in this way. Their learning recorded, responded to and shared by so many others.... Well done.

That's crazy I just used that same image to celebrate my blog turning 1!