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Even though I am now a Google Certified Teacher and a National Board Certified Teacher, I still have A LOT to learn. Sometimes I feel intimidated by how knowledgable other educators are, but it doesn't stop me from asking questions and learning! Keeping this in mind - I try to remember all levels of learners when I'm explaining something in formal training or deskside coaching.

One of my tasks as a Google Certified Teacher is to share what I learn from being a part of that group. I have some classes planned at my district training center that educators can register to take, but I wanted to provide some kind of regular, just in time learning for my faculty. For me, that means I can learn and tinker with something when it is a convenient time for me. Sometimes that is during the school day, but most of the time that is after my kids are all in bed.

So, as I explained in my December newsletter to the faculty, I'm going to be sending out an email with a link to a Google Site that will include "how-to", tips and tricks to use Google Tools. Twice a month I will mail out the link to the site which will include a new page each time. This site will be called - "Geek up with Google!" If you're interested in being a part of this mailing, I would be glad to include you. Just leave your name and email address in the comment section or email me directly at I'd be glad to help you geek up!



This is a great idea to bring PD to their inboxes. We've been creating Diigo Groups for each our departments and having all teachers register for an account in Diigo. We are not asking them to contribute links or resources, only to sign up and join the group. This way, they get a daily email with resources delivered to their inbox.

Similar to what you are doing, I think teachers who are curious will be thankful that you are bringing the PD to them. Now, couple that with some targeted resources for specific teachers or needs, and you'll really be their hero. Have a great holiday!

I love the diigo idea! I'm still with, but this might be incentive enough to move me over.

I hope to use the feedback from the mailings to plan after school hands-on Google sessions and meet with people individually as needed. Thanks for the comment!
:) Melanie

I'm interested in your Google PD idea sharing.

Margo Jantzi, VA

Rebecca said...

What a great opportunity, I'm looking forward to it!

Rebecca Howell

Linda Coleman said...

I would like your emails for the "Geek up with Google"
Linda Coleman

Margo, Rebecca and Linda - Adding you in! Thanks! :) Melanie

Alice Larson said...

Hi, Melanie! I'd like to Geek Up! :)