Resolutions for 2009

As I logged in this morning to check in on my PLN, I saw a question that Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach was posing. Before you had a computer or used it as much as you do now....what did you USED to do? This really got me thinking.

I'm constantly trying to find a balance in my work and personal life. I am passionate about both so it seems like just as soon as I get caught up I have gotten myself started into a new project or two....or twelve! So, what did I used to do before I worked on a computer?

#1 Needlepoint - I have a huge case of embroidery floss that has been waiting for a project. I started building my stock of colors when I was in 8th grade. The last project I did was several years ago. At this point, I plan on saving it for my 12 yr. old. She seems interested in learning.

#2 I used to clean regularly - Well, this is self explanatory. Now I find myself looking at a dirty floor or counter and saying, "Oh! I need to clean! Better do that today." When I used to just do it regularly.

#3 Board Games - When my older children were little we played Candyland, Uncle Wiggly, Trouble and Chutes & Ladders. When my friends came over I was always the one to drag out the Trivial Pursuit game. Now, I log in to Webkinz or visit Starfall with my kids way more often than we play board games. I haven't played Trivial Pursuit in many years.

# 4 Write letters on paper - I cannot remember the last time I wrote a letter through snail mail. Part of me thinks I never will again. The other part of me thinks of the shoebox of letters I have saved in my closet that were penned to me through the years from my Great Grandmother, my Grandmother and my father. All have since passed away and it is simply dear to me to see their handwriting with the words
... Dear Melanie,
Anytime I am feeling sad, I pull out one of these letters and read the sweet words written to me by these people. Their handwriting is unique and it makes me sad to think that I'm not sure my own children could pick my handwriting out in a group.

SO! Here's my New Year's Resolutions for 2009

#1 Write a handwritten letter to each of my four children at least once this year.
#2 Play board games with my children more often.
#3 Finish my last incomplete needlepoint project (my youngest daughter's Christmas stocking)
#4 Take better care of myself by losing weight and eating healthy.

I hope this post helps you ponder as I have, how your life has changed and where your year is going. Would love to hear your thoughts...


Jenny Nash said...

1 - I still write handwritten letters, mostly to my grandmother. I, also, still RECEIVE letters from her...which usually bring tears to my eyes. I remember being a child and asking my mother why I didn't get mail like she did. Her reply: Perhaps if you SENT more, you would RECEIVE more. An interesting packaging for such a big life lesson....
2 - I love the fact that you didn't put "clean more regularly" on your resolutions list! :) The only "used to" that you don't regret? :)
3 - I, too, should pick up my sewing projects...but don't know that I can. I love to do it, when I do it...but don't know that I can make it a priority in my life like my mother does. Though, I recently taught my daughter some simple sewing. I thought it was so fun -- history repeating itself. I suppose if sewing was something I could do WITH someone vs. alone, I would feel differently about it.
4 - My resolutions? Haven't firmed them up yet. I'm not sure how much I like them....seems like I make the same ones each year. Perhaps my resolution will be to stop making resolutions and live everyday like it is the first day of a new year??? Tough one...

Loved the post!

Jenny -
That's really special that you still exchange mail with your grandmother. Cherish each letter. When my grandma passed this year and we gathered her belongings I was actually able to retrieve all the letters I had sent to her that she also saved. It was sweet to see my seven year old self writing about all the things I got for Christmas. It obviously was important to her too.

And yes, no reading between the lines necessary. I have no issue with giving up the perfectly clean house. :)

I'm not a big fan of resolutions in general, but it just felt right for me this year. Thanks for the great comment!