Three Cheers for the Boss

I think I may have to retitle my blog to be: I'm so Lucky. I'm definitely going through a gratitude phase, maybe it's the upcoming season.... but I HAVE to spout the praises of my principal, Susan Phillips.

If you watched my Google Teacher Academy video you know that my principal has embraced technology to the point where she commited to allowing me to leave the classroom to work full time at helping teachers integrate technology. She is blogging every week. She attended NECC for the first time this year. She purchased the book Web 2.0 New Schools New Tools, for everyone on the faculty. Most importantly, she allows me to keep pushing the envelope and keep moving forward.

Reading the blogs of other educators, reminds me that if the leader doesn't "get it" it can shut down your possibilities. My leader doesn't only get it, she is tech savvy. Every Tuesday morning, I offer a tech help session called BYOL. It was evident to me around 8pm Monday night, that I wasn't going to make make it on Tuesday because my daughter was ill. I sent a text message to my principal asking her if she could cover me for BYOL. She messaged back -no problem! So, no need to cancel, she covered me. I mean, how many tech coaches could have their principal cover for them?

I'm so lucky! Thanks Susan!


You're sweet. It is my pleasure to be of service to you each and every day.

Suzanne said...

Susan really does support EVERYTHING we do. She allows us to think big and assists in removing obstacles that may block the way. Like you, I am very grateful!

So true. I am so thankful and appreciative to work for someone so progressive and open to new ideas. Thank you for being so supportive Susan!

Meli Launey said...

I agree. Chets Creek students will be ready for their future. Thank you Susan for making technology a priority in our work. My students are having an amazing journey in our virtual learning adventure...and I am learning right beside them. We wouldn't be here without the encouragement and support of you.