Second Life with Daniel Pink

One of the reasons I wanted to know more about Second Life was the professional development opportunities there. Recently, Kevin Jarrett put out on twitter that Daniel Pink would be presenting about his new book, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko. Last year, I read A Whole New Mind and loved it - so I couldn't wait to hear about Daniel's new book.

I followed the link to his event and my Second Life avatar showed up in an area with a large screen and an avatar with Daniel Pink's name. (In Second Life, your name appears over your head.) See the photo with all the audience members? That's me in the maroon shirt, near the bench.
It was an interesting experience. The screen shows the slide show and as the presenter is speaking you can speak to other avatars and ask questions. I can't wait to try it again!

Johnny Bunko is a different business book that Daniel Pink has written entirely in manga . Here's a video to tell you more about it.


I'm amazed by the whole thought of this type of training. You could chat with the others around as well? It all seems a bit intimidating at first glance, but I'm sure it's truly not so once you get involved. Off to read your first post about Second Life to see if I'm ready...Nan from NBE

The whole thing is new to me and actually I should have said...I was afraid to move too much because I haven't mastered the controls. Imagine if I had mowed Daniel Pink over?!? If you have the interest, you're ready! Dive in!