DRA 2 - Online for you!

This year, our county transitioned from using the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) to the DRA 2. School started a week ago, but we just got our kits! The teachers were ready to assess but needed training on this new tool. One week into the school year it is impossible to have all of the reading teachers take a few hours off for some training ...sooooooooo, technology to the rescue!

One of the reading teachers at my school, Jenny Nash, was the designee who received the training on DRA 2 for our school. I arranged for her to be out of her classroom for a few hours while I filmed her explaining and demonstrating the DRA 2. I spent a little over a day editing the footage with Pinnacle and then uploading it to the web. Instant professional development! I hope we will be able to use video and internet applications like this for more professional development this year.


Perfect! Little did you know that you would be helping a teacher in another country! My new school is using DRA2 as well and being the newbie that arrived 2 weeks into the start of the new school year, I missed all the training! This is fabulous and just what I needed!
Thank you Melanie and Jenny!

OMG! What an amazing job JN has done. Love the info and easy access. Thank you both for your time. Toni

Mrs. Nash said...

Thanks again, Melanie, for doing such a professional job on this video. It was a lot of fun, as well as a bit embarrassing, but I hope it will be helpful for teachers. I am really happy with the new test, and hope that others feel the same. I'm so excited that your connections in Australia have already benefited! WOW! Talk about going global! :)

To all of the other DRA2 "experts" out there, please forgive any mistakes I may have made and feel free to send me feedback. As you know, this is still new for me, too!

I'm getting out my "button" and ready to hit the ground running! :)

Anonymous said...

Very helpful! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing this video! We received DRA2 materials last year but relied on the old DRA because we didn't have time for training. I wish I'd found this then! I feel ready to implement the DRA2 after having watched your training. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I log on to see the video. Is the link still available?

Yes, it is viewable to me. I'm not sure where you are located but is Youtube or Google video blocked there? Try it on your home computer and you should be able to view.

Anonymous said...

This was very helpful, thank you so much. I am a new user of the DRA2 as well. Trinidad and Tobago.