I'm all-a-Twitter

What are you doing? I mean, really, right now...what are you doing? If you log onto Twitter, they really want to know. Why? That is what I thought the first time I saw it a few months ago. I read online about some self-proclaimed twitterholics and I just didn't get it. They said twitter was all the rage. I didn't think my life was exciting enough to twitter about.

Although I couldn't see the application for myself, I began to enjoy reading the tweets of my colleagues in their blog sidebars. Not only was I reading real time information on blogs, but I could see that someone may be presenting for a conference at that moment, traveling to Shanghai or just laughing at a joke. I found myself really enjoying their updates. I can even go to the twittervision map and see exactly where the tweets are coming from all over the world.

Regardless of the fun I was having...it occurred to me one day at work while I was trying to track down my friend...if only she had left a message somewhere of where she would be. Lightbulb! There are many times people have said to me, "I've been looking for you." Now, they should be able to find me by checking my twitter badge on my blog. And...my friends around the world can laugh at my tweets about playing remote control helicopter with my son while they are conferencing around the globe.

It is addicting, but knowing there is a true application for me helps me feel better about my new addiction. I haven't convinced my friends to twit yet, but you can help me with my argument. Are you on twitter? How have you used it?


Welcome to Blogging Wonderland

After being inspired by my favorite person on the other side of the world, Rachel Boyd, I began my own blogging life. I am inspired by all of the blogs I read from teacher leaders and have learned more in the last few months than I have in years.

I have been working hard to get everyone I know to drink the Kool-Aid and I am proud to present my newest friends entering Blogging Wonderland. Please take a moment to visit their blogs and encourage them on their journey:
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I Love My Job

After many hours of angst I finally completed my school's website. I really wanted some more fancy schmancy things like javascript cascading menus and other flash features...but time was of the essence so next year watch out! There is not training provided in my county for anything more than basic Microsoft Frontpage, so everything I do is hunt-and-peck self taught. I enjoy it for the most part, but I mostly do it because I absolutely love my job, the place I work and the people I work with. I would do anything they asked (don't tell them that!).



I have been SO busy with many,many things getting back to work...but I promise I'll be back to blogging soon. I thought this would be a fun post to share. My new favorite tool: Animoto. It is free if you only want to do a 30 second video and you can do a much longer one for a very small fee. Take a peek into my first day back at work in a Magical Kingdom, Chets Creek Elementary.