Haaaalllllooooooooo out there?

Sometimes when I log in to my blogger account I feel like Tigger. Inside my head I'm saying, "Haaaallllloooo out there? Is anyone reading this thing?" I see all of the hits on my clustermap, all over the world...but who are these people and what brought them to my blog? I have had over 1,000 visitors and 98% are unknown to me. It's a lonely existence. I wish they would at least leave a comment that says, "Visited your blog from ________(place) , I'm a _________(profession)."

So I think to myself, what can I do about getting comments... #1 Read more blogs to get to know other bloggers through commenting or twitter. #2 Write posts on timely topics that will generate interest. It definitely helps.

Recently, Dean Shareski wrote a blog post about commposting and the importance of tracking back to your comments to continue the conversation started. There is actually a website that provides a download to help you trackback to your comments called Cocomment. I plan on giving it a try. But the thing that had me gaping at my computer was where he wrote, "trying to reach my goal of 2 to 1." I mean, 2 to 1!!!! That is a lot of commenting, but conversation goes two ways and that is the difference between a blog and website. I think of my blog of a conversation with the world at large. Commenting is your way to talk back!

So please, give a girl a break, let me know why you're reading this right now. Don't be a closet blog reader, jump in and join the conversation. You'll be hooked!


Able Answer said...

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Not sure previous blogger is as interested in a conversation as he is in selling.

I read because I subscribe. I subscribe because you twitter and responded to me.

After I checked out your blog, I saw thoughtful posts from a unique perspective.

Another piece to the commenting idea that I didn't blog about was the ability not only to track comments but to return to conversations. Why do we assume that even dropping a comment, while a nice, kind and hopefully helpful thing, is really the end of the conversation? I'm finding, that with the most compelling posts, I have to return to add or clarify or just reread.

Much of my learning requires reflection and I often can't do that by simply popping in to say hi. Not every comment is a deep reflective piece of my soul but I also have to determine the value of a comment. At times, it may be to encourage or even be funny. Other times it's too dig deep. The more connections of learning I make the more comfortable am I with helping others.

dayle said...

2 to 1!! Yikes! I do like your idea of at least leaving a note that says where you're from and your interest in the blog - sort of like a guest book. You, of course, know me because we teach in the same school but for those that don't, I'm a kindergarten Special Education inclusion teacher and Literacy Coach at Chets Creek - you know, I'm part of the Magic Kingdom! Melanie, I saw on twitter that you're doing a little decorating this weekend - is that Thanksgiving or Christmas? dayle

Kate said...

You ask and you shall receive. I'm a brand new teacher-blogger and I'm just getting started with a blog for my classroom. You were on someone's blogroll, I liked the name, and I checked it out. I plan to keep reading. I'm working on getting my blog set up for my kids at school, but with my ancient slow dial-up at home, I get super frustrated!


Skipper said...

Hey Melanie...my name is Lauren Skipper and although we have a common connection(Chets Creek) we have never formally met:) I actually learned to blog from Maria and dayle thanks to your teaching them. I enjoy your blog it makes me feel like part of the education community again...a nice break from the mommy thing:) Lauren Skipper

I feel like I know you from common connection, but it is nice to hear from you and I hope to meet you in person. Isn't blogging fun?!? I love the mommy thing too, but this is my sanity - would love to hear your thoughts anytime. :)

Mrs. Green said...

Hello Melanie...

I found your blog through a link from Langwitches.org. I was so happy to find another elementary teacher in the blogosphere! Yay! I am DEFINITELY adding your feed and will be back to peruse more (I'm devouring my lunch and your posts with much enthusiasm) Keep up the good work! My blog: http://thehappyhappyapple.blogsptot.com